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Tampa Reflux Summit

Recently, members of the Digestive Care Center held a Reflux Summit at Eddie V’s in Tampa for physicians and practitioners throughout the Tampa Bay Area who had an interest in discussing and learning more about reflux. Read more about this summit here!

Florida Hospital Tampa Community Reflux Seminar

Recently, Florida Hospital Tampa held a community seminar for reflux awareness. Dr. Arthi Sanjeevi spoke to 80 members of our community about reflux alongside fellow Florida Hospital Tampa specialist, Dr. Sharona Ross. Specifically, they spoke about the symptoms, risk factors, diagnosis and treatment options for reflux. Read more here!

Colon Cancer and Dr. Sanjeevi

Dr. Sanjeevi reviews colon cancer facts and screening details in the concluding presentation of her "Insuring Your Digestive Health" series. She discusses how colonoscopy is considered the gold standard in colon cancer screenings, because not only can your gastroenterologist examine the colon for pre-cancerous polyps, but they can also be removed during the same procedure. Learn more here!

Dr. Sanjeevi Reflects on Reflux

As a board certified gastroenterologist and internist, Dr. Sanjeevi specializes in gastrointestinal disorders, including chronic heartburn and gastroesophageal reflux disease, commonly referred to as GERD. In this presentation she reviews what is considered GERD, when to see a doctor and what can help people who have chronic reflux.

Dr. Sanjeevi Gives Gallbladder Lecture

In a multipart presentation about digestive health and insurance as it relates to these health concerns, Dr. Arthi Sanjeevi discussed ways to treat, diagnose and prevent gallbladder stones and disease. Watch her presentation here!

Dr. Sanjeevi Participates in Hepatopancreaticobiliary Disorders Lecture

Recently, Dr. Arthi Sanjeevi joined Dr. Sharona Ross Ross and Dr. Alexander Rosemurgy as they traveled to Sarasota to do a presentation on foregut and hepatopancreaticobiliary (HPB) disorders and the minimally invasive approaches we utilize to treat these disorders to an audience of gastroenterologists. A variety of foregut and HPB disorders were discussed, including esophageal cancer, liver cancer, pancreatic cancer and reflux. Treatment with minimally invasive and robotic surgical approaches was also discussed.

Tampa Bay Business Journal

Dr. Yasser Saloum has been featured in this month’s Tampa Bay Business Journal “People on the Move.” Board certified in gastroenterology and internal medicine, Dr. Saloum joins a team of other physicians, nurses and clinicians that are passionate and committed to providing every level of care.

Steps To A Healthier You

Dr. Arthi Sanjeevi collaborates with Tampa Bay Metro to provide patients information steps to a healthier life.  The article “3 Steps to a Healthier You” featuring, Dr. Sanjeevi,  suggests establishing a baseline for patients current physical conditions that can provide great insight into areas that need improvement.  Click on this link for the full article.

Dr. Arthi Sanjeevi Participates in Physicians Corner

Colorectal cancer is the second leading cause of cancer-related deaths in the United States, but it doesn’t have to be. Regular screening, beginning at age 50, is the key to preventing colorectal cancer. Click on the link to watch Dr. Sanjeevi discusses the importance of early detection as it relates to colon cancer.