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Patients come to us from all across Tampa and Central Florida area for the high caliber of care offered by Drs. Michael Harris and Arthi Sanjeevi. Together with our office and medical staff, our commitment to solving the digestive dilemmas of patients is unwavering. The best demonstration of our quality of care is when our patients share their experience with friends and family. Read some of the stories of appreciation, success and skill below.

If you have visited our practice and would like to share your experience, please share your story now.

Dr. Sanjeevi's Compassionate Care Makes The Difference

Dear Dr. Sanjeevi, I send this note to share my great appreciation to you for the incredible care that you offered to me over the past months. My recovery from what was a challenging situation is attributable to your talent as a Gastroenterologist. Your keen medical skills coupled with your unwavering focus on my recovery made the difference that allowed me to return to work and continue running my business.

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The Top 5 Things to Know about Dr. Sanjeevi

Bottom Line: We love her and look forward to doctor’s visits when we know we’ll see Dr. Sanjeevi.

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Dr. Sanjeevi Changes a Life for the Better

Dear Dr. Sanjeevi,

I would like to thank you for your professional care and the life changing plan you set up for me. After a long illness with acute pancreatitis, gallbladder removal, and a bout with a pseudocyst. I was introduced to Dr. Sanjeevi and her staff at Florida Hospital. Dr. Sanjeevi successfully drained the cysts with the placement of stents. The doctor explained to me that in order to attain the best results in the healing process, I needed to make a major change in my life.

A Thank You for Dr. Harris

Dear Dr. Harris, MANY THANKS! I am writing to express sincere gratitude and appreciation from our family, for your kindness and skill in dealing with the delicate work you are required to perform, and taking the time to sit and explain to us a detailed account of the procedures lasting many hours. I must say that your parents must be very proud of you, your accomplishments in the medical field, and your respect for humanity. Your patience is exceptional.

Happier and Healthier, Thanks to Drs Ross & Sanjeev

After two decades of suffering with GERD and seeing numerous GI Doctors, I met with Dr. Arthi Sanjeevi, who quickly diagnosed my issues. Dr. Sanjeevi recommend fundoplication and cholecystectomy. I met with Dr. Ross and discussed the surgeries needed. I scheduled the nissen fundoplication and cholecystectomy immediately. 10 weeks post operation and my life has changed significantly. I feel absolutely wonderful. I'm happier and healthier with no visible scar. I highly recommend Dr. Sanjeevi, Dr.

Accepting my Mother's case

I wanted to take this moment to thank Dr. Sanjeevi for accepting my Mother's case. Even though the odds of surviving the ERCP procedure was small due to her heart condition.

I am grateful and blessed that she was recommended to us because of her knowledge, ability, thoughtfulness and someone who really cares about the people who come to her and years of experience. This allowed us to trust and accept her to performthis procedure when there was no more hope.

My fears were groundless

So you just found out they want to take out a chunk of your colon and you’re terrified? I know I was when I got that news. Let me tell you about my experience.

The Healthiest, Most Memorable Year

I couldn’t let today pass without letting you know how grateful I am for everything you’ve done for me.

A thankful family

My family doctor had just told me that there was a polyp in my gallbladder and was giving me a referral. I looked up the referral and couldn’t really find anything on him. The same day I was going to see my chiropractor Dr Dan Durrieu and I told Dan and he referred me to Dr Arthii Sanjeevi.