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My fears were groundless

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So you just found out they want to take out a chunk of your colon and you’re terrified? I know I was when I got that news. Let me tell you about my experience.

I had a colonoscopy and a very large polyp was found. My gastroenterologist told me he was referring me to a surgeon who would remove the polyp. I met with the surgeon who informed me he would be removing the polyp along with 1/3 of my colon. That was the first I heard about that. He tried to push me to sign the papers that day and have the surgery the next day. I was crying in his office, out to the car and an hour afterwards on the phone with my sister who finally got me to calm down. All weekend I was on the computer to find everything and anything I could about the procedure. I had a follow up with the gastroenterologist the next week and asked for a referral for a second opinion, he was not anxious to give it. I felt bullied to make the choices I wasn’t ready to make. I insisted on a referral and he referred me to Dr. Harris.

I met with Dr. Harris and through him Dr. Chudzinski. Everyone in the practice understood my fear, that I had time to come to terms with what was going to happen, and time to get things in place prior to surgery and helped me feel comfortable with the decision. I never left their office without a smile on my face. I believe your confidence in your doctors has a direct effect on your recovery. I had the utmost confidence in everyone with this group.

Six weeks before my 70th birthday I went in for the surgery. Everything went exactly as I had been told to expect it. When I was released to go home, worry wart that I am, I expected to need help for weeks. Instead other than being afraid to get in the shower unless someone was home; I really was able to take care of myself.

My biggest fear had been I would not be able to ever go back to work.  I work with kids, they give me purpose, and I love my job. It is now eight weeks since the surgery: I am back to my normal summer routine and in August will be back working with “my” kids”.  My fears were groundless.

Suggestions: if you, like me, are frightened; take a walk, try yoga, anything that helps you calm down, call someone and let them know you need to unload, lean on family and friends.

Remember you are working with professionals who want the best for you. If you have no family or friends nearby let the doctor’s staff know and they may have ideas for support.